Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finally, a decent FO post with pictures! For fun I'm going to add as many of the zillion WIPs I have to the sidebar, as many as I can remember anyway, lol.

First up, my latest (that I have pictures of) Coachella:

I knit this in about four days using SWTC Bamboo in Electric Blue, double stranded. It only used just over two balls! I really do love it, I just wish I'd skipped the short rows so it wasn't so indecent. At some point I'm going to knit a matching piece of lace or something so I don't have to wear a tank underneath. I would have ripped it out except I really wanted to wear it to the Hanson concert I was taking my nephew to that weekend. (He's nine and it was his first concert. We had a ball! He made his shirt too!)

Next up, my self designed cable raglan tank (I really need a better name) :

I cast on with an idea and winged it. I've had a little interest for the pattern, so I'm trying to write one up that makes sense. I used about 3 1/2 balls of Cotton Ease in Popsicle Blue (I believe).

Last, a simple striped raglan out of leftover yarn, some Bubblegum Pink Cotton Ease and some Classic Elite yarn with 80% 20% wool, (Cambridge I think) which gives it a kind of entertaining texture (super soft vs slightly stiff) but I love it anyway.

Let me know what you think! I'll have been knitting for two years in October... Smiley And for the record all but Coachella was knit a few months ago, it just took me two months to take pictures and two months to POST the pictures.

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