Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm so fickle. I wasn't in the mood for any of my zillion WIPs the other night, so I cast on for a Dream Swatch.

I'm using a partial skein of sock yarn someone so graciously sent me, and even labeled all of the sock yarn scraps, but the tag is upstairs. Its really beautiful though. After the first pattern repeat I changed to 4 yarnovers so the pattern looks more like the pictures. I already have plans for about five more of these, so it had better look good on me!

I'm almost done the Llama socks. Just one more toe and I'm done. *cannot wait* I really hate knitting under pressure. That's not to say I mind knitting these, because I don't, and I'm getting free yarn from a really nice person in exchange, I just kind of like to knit where the yarn sends me, you know? I flit from project to project and never end up casting on the project I think I'm going to next.

Here's a close up of some of my SWS grannies. I had to crack into another colorway, but at least I had another in shades of pink, so I think it'll blend well. I love the way it looks. It promises to be a well-worn scarf this winter.

I'm almost done my Monkeys, which I just added to the sidebar because I had forgotten that I hadn't finished them.

And I'll leave you with a very pretty cake of yarn. My own hand dyed sock yarn, in a colorway I call "Bloody Mary". A bunch of the family is getting together on Saturday, many of whom I haven't seen in a long time, so I want to have a sock cast on to knit while I visit, out of my own dyed yarn. Yes, I like to show off. :) I'll post pics of that sock as soon as its on its way.

Grr! I don't know why my flickr thingy isn't working!


Ilix said...

Sweet, show us the socks!!

Nikki said...

Hi there! came across your blog oddly enough, when I googled Knitted Skulls. :-)

Seems we're both punky knitters. Love your sweaters!