Friday, January 26, 2007

Spindle Socks

Pattern: Spindle Socks
Yarn: DB Baby Cashmerino
Needles: #2 US
Adjustments: I messed up on the cable twists my first round, so I decided to just make one sock twist the first way, and the second sock twist the second way. I think I might like it better anyway.

Well, one sock is done anyway. I'm so proud to have finally completed a sock that I'm proud of and actually plan on wearing. By this point, when I've finally stopped knitting long enough to update the blog, I'm halfway through sock #2.

And look at that pretty kitchenered toe! I have to say, the instructions for grafting in my big Vogue Knitting reference, completely messed up my last sock. I couldn't figure it out, and I knew it was too hard, since I'd seen it done on Knitty Gritty. I finally found decent instructions in my Scarf Style book. Nothing like a scarf book for good sock finishing techniques, huh?

And, while I do have 3 balls of the Cashmerino, I wasn't worried about running out despite my size 10 feet, but it still amused me to see what was left of my first ball after my first sock:

The sock looks really bizzare not on my foot. It's longer in the foot than in the ankle. Makes me feel like I have giant feet. Well, makes me feel like they're more giant than they actually are, because my feet are kind of huge. Can't wait to get started on my new jaywalkers, using those very pretty "bigger jaywalker" instructions. Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't get the sock over my heel.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hi! *waves* Yes, I still exist. I finally have a camera I can leave connected to my laptop, so I'll be more inclined to update. After all, what's the point of a knitting blog without pictures? .... I thought so.

First off, my first Jaywalker.

It was so much fun to make, however, it should be filed under the 'so ugly only a mother could love' catagory. Not bad yarn for a two dollar ball, but I ran out and had to use some blue wool someone gave me, which was slightly lighter in weight. But by that point I realized that I'd knit the ankle far too tight to get it over my giant feet, and had kind of given up. I'm more of a 'gauge doesn't matter, it'll fit someone' kind of knitter. Oh well, at least I'll know to use #2's for my next pair. And hey, my mom was impressed. *shrugs*

Latest FO: Danica from Knitty

(I'll get a better picture of me wearing it soon). I was inspired by someone on craftster who used Paton's SWS to make this scarf, so naturally I had to run out and buy some. (in two colorways, because the yarn is just too yummy). I worked nonstop on it since Monday night when I got home with the yarn and I got to wear it out tonight. I got a bunch of compliments, and since I had so much fun doing entrelac (perfect tv knitting, I don't get bored and I don't forget what I'm doing and mess up) that I'll probably make another one in the natural pink colorway I bought. I used about 3 1/2 balls, because I like my scarves to be 'Doctor Who' scarves. :) The longer, the better.

But, instead of casting on another Danica, I cast on a pair of Spindle Socks instead:

I've already a couple mistakes (first row of ribbing is off, but no one will notice that) and I accidentally made all my cables lean the same way. Whoops! I think I'll leave them as is and reverse them for the second sock. That should look cool, right? *crickets chirp*

I'll leave you with a couple stash shots. First, the Memories sock yarn I ordered from knitpicks in Pansy, as well as my pretty pretty color cards. Second, a brief glimpse into one of my yarn-filled storage ottomans. It contains about 1/6 of my stash, bwahaha.