Sunday, September 17, 2006

A lot has happened since i last wrote in here. I no longer buy acrylic yarns (or at least I buy less, lol!) and I've progressed to more complicated knits. Now I just need to actually take pictures of them.

I went to Willow's End in Boothbay Harbor Maine (I highly reccomend this shop btw) this weekend and bought some seriously pretty yarns. My first Malabrigo. *drools* I swear, no matter now much I heard about this stuff, I did not believe it until I touched it. Its so buttery it makes the baby alpaca I bought feel downright scratchy. I got some Brown Sheep wool/mohair in a pretty colorway too, but the real prize is the Malaaaaaabrigo. :)

This is the only image I could find of the colorway I bought (Lime Blue). I swear it is soooo much prettier than this. It was the colorway I lusted after last time I was at this shop, but didn't have enough money to buy.

Anyway, I promise the next post will come bearing FO pics. Or at least some yarn ones.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hi! My name is Lydia, and welcome to my blog, PunkCat's Can Knit Too! I thought I'd make my first post a picture post with the latest additions to my stash and my current WIP's.


The orange is actually a lighter peachy color than you see in the pics, and I'm pretty sure it's Caron Simply Soft, but it was just sold as is in that giant bag. I'm going to use it for my first tank top experimentation, a modified version of Tempting from Knitty.

Then there are my 3 current WIP's (I'm not a one project kinda gal, haha):

1. Alien Illusion Scarf.(don't mind the pink star hair clip, i found a dropped stitch and that was the only thing i had to hold it with. I'll fix that at the end)

2. Pastel Squares Baby Blanket. All garter stitch, excruciatingly boring, but I know a woman who's having a baby in June, so I have to keep plogging along (I know, give the summer baby a blanket, real smart idea).

3. And now I am trying to make my first pair of socks. Sloppy, but I'm having fun learning. That is what I did this afternoon.
And, not a WIP, but here's a silly little baby hat I made last night while playing around with a random skein of boucle and a pair of size 10 dpns. (I'll give it to my cousin, see if it'll fit on her chubby little baby's head.

That's all for a first post. Can you tell I'm addicted to knitting, hehe.