Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hi! *waves* Yes, I still exist. I finally have a camera I can leave connected to my laptop, so I'll be more inclined to update. After all, what's the point of a knitting blog without pictures? .... I thought so.

First off, my first Jaywalker.

It was so much fun to make, however, it should be filed under the 'so ugly only a mother could love' catagory. Not bad yarn for a two dollar ball, but I ran out and had to use some blue wool someone gave me, which was slightly lighter in weight. But by that point I realized that I'd knit the ankle far too tight to get it over my giant feet, and had kind of given up. I'm more of a 'gauge doesn't matter, it'll fit someone' kind of knitter. Oh well, at least I'll know to use #2's for my next pair. And hey, my mom was impressed. *shrugs*

Latest FO: Danica from Knitty

(I'll get a better picture of me wearing it soon). I was inspired by someone on craftster who used Paton's SWS to make this scarf, so naturally I had to run out and buy some. (in two colorways, because the yarn is just too yummy). I worked nonstop on it since Monday night when I got home with the yarn and I got to wear it out tonight. I got a bunch of compliments, and since I had so much fun doing entrelac (perfect tv knitting, I don't get bored and I don't forget what I'm doing and mess up) that I'll probably make another one in the natural pink colorway I bought. I used about 3 1/2 balls, because I like my scarves to be 'Doctor Who' scarves. :) The longer, the better.

But, instead of casting on another Danica, I cast on a pair of Spindle Socks instead:

I've already a couple mistakes (first row of ribbing is off, but no one will notice that) and I accidentally made all my cables lean the same way. Whoops! I think I'll leave them as is and reverse them for the second sock. That should look cool, right? *crickets chirp*

I'll leave you with a couple stash shots. First, the Memories sock yarn I ordered from knitpicks in Pansy, as well as my pretty pretty color cards. Second, a brief glimpse into one of my yarn-filled storage ottomans. It contains about 1/6 of my stash, bwahaha.


~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Wow- way to go with the entrellac. I still have to plunge into that. I got the Spring(?) Interweave issue with Eunny's Entrellac socks, but I think I definately need to start with something a little less... um hair-pulling!
p.s- I like your stash. Where do you find those skeins of Bernat. At a LYS or internet? They don't sell those at Michaels or Hobbylobby.

omg-- that totally made my day, seeing my blog on your sidebar! lol. Thanks!

Lydia said...

Thanks for the compliment. I recommend Danica highly for the entrelac, it looks so complicated at first, but once you've done a few squares you don't even need the pattern. Plus its highly addictive.

As for the Bernat, that's the handicrafter cotton. *giant sigh* I purchased about seven billion skeins on sale at Building 19 for 3/$1. I knit most of it into dishcloths and traded off some of it. I don't recommend it for anything other than dishcloths tho.