Sunday, September 17, 2006

A lot has happened since i last wrote in here. I no longer buy acrylic yarns (or at least I buy less, lol!) and I've progressed to more complicated knits. Now I just need to actually take pictures of them.

I went to Willow's End in Boothbay Harbor Maine (I highly reccomend this shop btw) this weekend and bought some seriously pretty yarns. My first Malabrigo. *drools* I swear, no matter now much I heard about this stuff, I did not believe it until I touched it. Its so buttery it makes the baby alpaca I bought feel downright scratchy. I got some Brown Sheep wool/mohair in a pretty colorway too, but the real prize is the Malaaaaaabrigo. :)

This is the only image I could find of the colorway I bought (Lime Blue). I swear it is soooo much prettier than this. It was the colorway I lusted after last time I was at this shop, but didn't have enough money to buy.

Anyway, I promise the next post will come bearing FO pics. Or at least some yarn ones.

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Lu said...

I agree, Malabrigo is beyond words. I have some in my stash and I have not knit it yet because I just want to pet it!

Thank you so the suggestion about the SKB - I'll go collect all my circs and do it!