Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tour de Fleece Day One:

Today's progress: Finished spinning up my June SCF/Irises (I'd only spun an ounce or so beforehand). I wanted to spin something thicker for a change, and reached my goal with worsted-ish weight and approx. 225 yards, pre-bath at least. Apparently I was doing something right today because it's super airy and squishy. :)

Then I wound the last of my May Spunky Club/Pansy singles into a center pull ball and plied those up into a mini-skein. That was.... annoying. I'll have to try that wrapping around your wrist thingy/technique (highly technical I know) with my next leftover singles or bite the bullet and practice n-plying again even though I hate doing it on the wheel.

Anyway, glad I got a lot done today, I'm sure there will be days I won't feel like doing much so I'm going to get as much done as possible while I'm motivated!


Wow, the colors look awful in that pic. LOL. I'm too tired to try again, so that will have to do for day 1.

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